Your Thermostat

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit (Proverbs 18:21). The thermostat on the wall in your home is set to continually monitor the temperature. The thermostat constantly calls for a certain temperature and works ceaselessly toward that goal.
You also have a built in thermostat. It’s your mouth! And right now it is bringing into your life what you’ve set it on! You and I are calling things into our lives with the words of our mouth every day! Whatever you allow yourself to verbalize and believe is what is coming into your future. Don’t confess what you don’t want because one day it will show up!
Words are powerful. God creates with them. And in a large way, you create in your world what you have with your words. Don’t use them lightly. Fill your words with faith and confidence in God. Rid yourself of the habit of talking about negative and unseemly things.
Fill your words each day with healing, blessing, favor, abundance, success, boldness, compassion, love, and courage. You may feel none of these things, but if you’ll set your thermostat there, and keep it working, little by little your personal life temperature will begin to agree with your thermostat. It’s a never ending principle from the time you’re born until the day you go to be with Jesus (See James 3:1-6).
Words can move mountains, heal disease, mend relationships, produce abundance, cancel fear and doubt, bring the presence of the Father, and soothe the spirit and soul. Fill your words today with what know the Father wants in your life. Let your words agree with God’s word.
Start today where you are. Don’t brood over the past. Get up and fight the fight of faith! You’re a winner! A conqueror! You are the Father’s favored one! Talk the way you believe, not the way you feel. Speak the answer, not the problem today. Keep your thermostat set on victory!

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  1. I was just telling my oldest son about this very thing the other week. I was in the habit of when people ask about a certain person, I said all the negative because they were not doing right. Then I remembered a sermon you preached when we lived there, and I was like wow, I need to stop and speak as I would like to see them in life, to speak life into their lives not death. I try each and every day to watch how and what I say to people, especially my family. We tend to hurt those closes to us. I have set new goals for 2011 and I am withdrawing from the negative and seeking the positive. Thanks for your words and your blog.

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