We’re in Chennai!

Bob Martin, Bruce McDonald, Bruce Beuchard and I arrived without event in Chennai last night (Tuesday morning) around 1:00 AM (that’s 3:30 PM Monday your time). All is well except one important item. Bob Martin and I have no luggage! Yep, welcome to the mission field! No change of clothes, nor any personal toiletries today! We’ve borrowed some things from the hotel, and hopefully our luggage will arrive with the next flight in from London tonight (Tuesday).

1 Thessalonians 5 is good sense when things don’t go as planned. In everything give thanks, no matter what the cicumstance may be, praise God and give thanks! Attitude is half the battle when things are unpleasant in life. Difficulties are proving ground for patience. We are to count it all joy when things are not going as planned! Hardship of any kind is proving ground for faith and breeding ground for patience. We are to rejoice in the Lord always, not just when things are going well for us. So I’m choosing to have a joyful day today, dirty clothes and all!

We’ll be leaving on Wednesday for Vijiwada. We’re in need of rest today. We’ve had 36 hours of travel with no bed rest. And I hear the pillow calling my name!

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  1. Hey Pastor, the team off to Guatemala had some fun the first day too! They had mechanical problems with the first plane prior to lift off (thank the Lord) and that delayed their plane to Texas. When they arrived in Texas, they had missed their plane to Guatemala. So they were in the airport from 1030am to 7pm. 1 thes. 5 is a great word for their team too. We will be praying for the luggage and for the annointing to be even stronger!!! We miss you guys, have a great time! see you soon. Angie R 🙂

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