An Update From Rwanda

This is the first time I’ve been able to get on the net since I left London. If you’ve watched the news, you may have heard of an outbreak of fighting in the Congo. It was right here in Goma. I must be brief due to time, but let me just say that we are all safe and well. We just crossed the border from Goma, Congo to Rwanda this afternoon. We are in a hotel close by. We will get an update in the morning to determine if we can go back into Goma tomorrow to minister in a church to pastors. We will not be going to the refugee campo where we originally attended.

The situation is calm at the moment. There was some fighting that broke out yesterday around noon, causing great concern in the populous. We stayed in our hotel when we got back from the refugee camps where we were making preparations to minister on Thursday. We were never in any personal danger. And we are just fine now. I don’t have time to give you any details at the moment. I’ll give a full briefing when I get home.

Thanks to all who have prayed for us! Prayer works! I’ll try to be in touch soon with more details. The Father is taking good care of us!

4 thoughts on “An Update From Rwanda

  1. Thank the Good Lord Pastor Mitch, we have 24 hour prayer going on for you and everyone traveling with you as well as the people you will reach in the villages, on the road and airports. We know they will come to know our Lord.

    Spirit realm is thick, stay safe and look to our Father. Yes, yes, yes prayer does work!!!

    We are thankful Father for watching over the people of Goma, Pastor and everyone who is with and around Pastor. You are so worthly to be praised Father. In Jesus’ beautiful name, Amen

    Love, Joy + double Peace to you, Susan and children.

  2. Hi Pastor Mitch !!!
    So glad to hear you all are fine.Sorry to hear you will not be going to the camp.I’m sure they could really use a special word from God,but if not through you and Bruce,then He will send it through someone else.
    You are all in my prayers.Stay safe and enjoy the trip.
    Say “Hi” to Bruce for me:)


  3. We are so thankful to God for taking care of you guys! I pray whatever His plan for you is while you are there will be accomplished.
    Thank you for the angels and the hedge of protection that surrounds you both.

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