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I’m later than usual with my blog posting today. I was late getting in last night and up later this morning. The day has been filled with meetings!

The Holy Spirit manifested at our 11:00 Am staff prayer meeting today. We were prayer for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in our church meetings. The Holy Spirit began to woo us into a greater intimacy with the Father and began urging us to make sure that we spend much more time with the Lord in this hour. Towards the end of the meeting, as I was praying in the spirit, my tongue changed and tongues and interpretation manifested.

The Lord said to us that we are entering into a time of accelerated change and that He did not want us to be taken by surprise by it. He said that the last 70 years laid the foundation for what will be doing now. He said that just as a carpenter takes plenty of time to lay a firm foundation, so he has been laying a foundation in the past decades of time. Now that the foundation is laid, and the walls have been erected, the roof is on, and the windows and doors are installed, He is now speeding up His work. He said that He is now erecting a place of habitation for that will culminate in His second coming and His Millennial reign where all of His enemies will be placed under His feet.

The Kingdom of God is manifesting on earth, and changes are taking place now on a more rapid scale to bring His kingdoms reign to earth.

He told us that now is the time to consecrate ourselves and separate ourselves from distractions. The enemy is seeking to distract believers with activities that will take their focus away from the things of Him and will get them to focus on the things of this life. He told us that darkness is coming to the earth and there will be some believers who become distracted by and overcome by the darkness. It will swallow them up.

He told is that many in this day are magnifying the presentation of what we do and the performance of how we minister. He told us that true ministry in these days will come from time spent alone with Him. True ministry will come from the life He provides from our private time with Him. True ministry is His life flowing through ours and this comes from times of intimacy. We should take plenty of time to seek Him and become prepared for what is coming.

He told us that the Holy Spirit is a jealous lover and that He is jealous of what we occupy ourselves with. He desires that we allow the jealous Lover to move in us and work through us.

I have been greatly affected by His word to us today. I’m still digesting what He said. Let’s ask the Lord to prepare us for t he times that are coming, and open ourselves to the inspection of the Jealous Lover who is seeking to be our continual guide.

One thought on “Staff Prayer Time

  1. Dear Pastor Mitch,
    Re: 9/11/08 Blog and email sent out.
    I just wanted to thank you for being so obedient regarding our Lords words that were given to you and request a "Call to Pray" It all came together, with your dream, "Stay Awake" the battle that was involved in the night dream, and the battle that will come very soon with our Lord Jesus, leading the battle. But the hardest battle right now is winning the lost, and to pray to keep the believers "Awake".
    I feel greatful and honored to have a sheperd like you who truly cares about his flock, the lost, our nation, the nations and glad to be under your covering. Our Lord just wants us to cry out to Him, talk to him & love Him as He loves us.
    I do have walls up in many areas, hurtful seperation going on,he is not saved and was unfaithful, hurt in my one and only church before Victory, by the Pastor and others, and have only been saved 3 years. Oh, but I know my God loves me and is taking the walls down a little at a time.
    God Bless you and your family, you are in my prayers.
    Look forward to praying again Sat.

    Peace + Joy to you

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