Saving the Soul

So get rid of all uncleanness and the rampant outgrowth of wickedness, and in a humble (gentle, modest) spirit receive and welcome the Word which implanted and rooted [in your hearts] contains the power to save your souls (James 1:21 – Amplified)

The Holy Spirit working with the Word can change elements of your personality! When I first came to Jesus, I was obsessed with inferiority, rejection, fear, phobias, and basic insecurity.

As a result of many childhood traumas from friends and acquaintances, I learned that you just couldn’t trust people in general, and that the best policy is to stay away from them as much as possible.

When I came to Jesus I began to devour the Word of God, and learned that God’s Word is more true than my feelings and personal perceptions. I began to speak God’s Word out loud, positively affirming what God says I have and what He says I am. Nothing seemed to changed for a while, but as I persisted after months and months I noticed that the basic pessimism that ruled me most of my life began to give way to a new confidence that came from the Word. The inferiority, the rejection, the fear, the phobias, the insecurity began to be replaced with boldness and confidence.

An added ingredient in the change in me is that over time, I came to know that the Father loved me no matter what I’ve done. And I began to take time to talk to Him about things that bothered me, hurts that I had experienced, and perceptions in life that I knew were distorted by my personal hurts.

I would take time to pray in the spirit and pout my heart out to the Father and I found that as I did, He began to minister His love to my spirit, and to nurture the emotional wounds created in my soul from incidents in my past.
He saved my soul! He restored my mind and emotions! He brushed away the hurt and pain, and replaced it with a joy and confidence that came from knowing that He is for me in life’s fight.

Take time each day to build the Word into your spirit through meditation and to confess verbally what God says about you. Take time to pour out your heart to Him and to pray in the spirit. You’ll find the enormous power of the Word of God lifting you from personal insecurities to a new boldness and confidence rooted in the love of God and in who you are in Christ Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Saving the Soul

  1. It's true that what he has done for others, he will do for you. I am in that process now and at times it can be difficult and even uncomfortable, but the love, confidence, peace, security and joy that comes from this process is worth any discomfort and is vital to my spritual growth. During those times it feels like at am literraly sitting in His lap as I pour my heart, other days it feels as if he is 100 miles away, yet this is a part of my transformation, knowing in my inner man, he is not 100 miles away, He could choose to live anywhere, but he is in fact living in my heart and knowing that builds my faith. It enables me to "Pray into Heaven" to see glimpses in the spiritual realm and when you get there you don't want to leave. God is Love, my first love… let me proclaim that daily!

  2. Praise Jehovah-Mephalti(the Lord my Deliverer)!!! And thank you Pastor Mitch for your openness and honesty. It is so refreshing to be transparent because of who we are in Him.


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