Saturday in Africa

Our day began today with a real long border crossing. We had to go to the government office in Goma to get a multi-entry visa so we could pass through quicker and easier. As you know, we’re staying in Rwanda at night and crossing into Congo each day to minister.

The situation remains calm yet unpredictable in Goma. We are exercising great caution as we plan day to day. I have a peace that all will be ok.

Today we ministered in a refugee camp to pastors. They were both hungry and excited. They never have visitors from the outside to encourage them. There exuberance is contagious. I’ll show you some pics when I get home.

This afternoon we went to another refugee camp to conduct an evangelistic crusade. The choirs were singing, a huge crowd of people had gathered, and the excitement was growing. Then a Noah’s flood rain came! It was complete with fireworks(loud thunder and lightning). The people continued to sing and dance in the rain until they were drenched. We fled to the waiting vehicle and had to get back to Rwanda before the border closed!

Tomorrow I will preach in a church in Goma for their Sunday morning service. Then in the afternoon we will conduct another evangelistic crusade in a different refugee camp. Please pray that we will be able to minister this time! The people are eager to hear. I’ll give you an update tomorrow.

I’m preparing for tomorrow and will be retiring for the night soon. Here it is 8:30 or so at night on Saturday. Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight!

One thought on “Saturday in Africa

  1. Hello Pastor Mitch, blessings to you. I just feel the need to say the following. Right after praying on Monday, I felt and told a couple of friends, like all "hell was busting loose in the spirit realm". Tues. & Wed., the same feeling, tug of war going on,spirit realm, couldn't put my finger on it. Didn't want to think it had anything to do w/your trip. I truly had a hard time functioning throughout the day(s).
    Thursday, Oct.30th, me and a friend get together to pray for you and the people around you, the village people,Susan & your family, so on. In praying the Lord show me you, sitting, I called it a "confused" look, rebuked satan, hands off you (all). I now know the look was more of a "concerned" look,(the fighting going on).EVEN THO ALL OF THIS FIGHTING HAD ALREADY HAPPENED. He also showed me "The village people" singing, dancing, praising our Lord, you sitting in AWE of the love they showed our Lord, in song and dance.
    I haven't watched the news at all this past week, 5 hours after us praying (prayer time assinged to us), this is the 30th, a phone call comes in and I am told about the fighting, outbreaks in Goma, and posted a comment to you "about the spirit realm being thick"
    In saying all of this, I know now that the Lord was building MY Faith,I felt and had to live what was going on in the spirit realm,feeling the battle that had gone on, the emeny tried to bring harm. Didn't work, yes, prayer works!!!!
    Praise God, He (in building my faith)let me feel, probably the toughest battles I've gone thru, showed me you sitting there, "concerned"look(this would be the time during the fighting) and the village people singing, dancing, praising God, YOU SITTING THERE IN AWE soaking up the love the village people showed our Father and showed YOU. Awe probably not the best word to use.
    This too came to pass, your blog on Sat. talked about how the village people praised God in the "Noah's Flood, thunder storm".
    I can only say that He showed me this part, I think this is what the Lord wants me to say, He is showing YOU a different "freedom in worshiping our Lord,a fresh, new worship, to just let it all go in praising God with song and dance in our church. Not to worry about man, let the Holy Spirit RUN WITH IT. He is a gentleman, and will not let things get out of control.
    I really don't know if this word rings with you, your spirit, about worship, I only know what He showed me and let me experience, feel in the spirit realm. From what I have been taught by you, I am being careful in saying,"I think this is what the Lord is wanting me to say" You are over there to minister to these beautiful people, but THEY ARE GOING TO SHOW YOU, MINISTER TO YOU, A NEW,FRESH WAY TO WORSHIP OUR FATHER, OUR LORD here at home. LET US DANCE AND SING IN THE RAIN,even on sunny days.
    I will continue to pray blessings and protection to you and those w/u until you get home. God speed to you Pastor Mitch.
    (don't know the name of the villagers, forgive me for calling them 'village people'). Thank you Father, bless you Father, all in Jesus' name, we love and thank you for your love, blessings and protection needed in this time. And I thank You Father for building my faith…. a stronger walk with YOU.

    Love, Peace + Joy to you Pastor Mitch and Susan

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