Monday Morning in London

I arrived in London this morning at 3:00 Am your time. I just had a bite of breakfast at a Starbucks Cafe here in terminal 5. I’m waiting on Bruce McDonald to arrive at the gate. We leave here at 6:05 am your time.

I had a great flight from Raleigh to London. I was able to sleep a little and I read for a while.

I have another day of travel yet before I arrive in Goma Congo. I already miss all my church folk. You’re a special bunch. Thanks for keeping Bruce and me bathed in prayer. The angels of God have already been busy preparing our travel path in air and on land, and they are working ou our behalf at all connection points and border crossings!

Here’s Hebrews 1:14 – A.S. Way’s translation from my memory!

The angels! What are they but ministering spirits who are being dispatched hour by hour on errands of ministration on behalf of those who have salvation as their heritage!

I’ll be in touch when possible. Just keep checking back. Bon Voyage!

One thought on “Monday Morning in London

  1. Did you have any incidents around that arrival time? For some reason, I was wide awake and decided to pray for you guys on your way. Be safe and harvest many.

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