Meditation Changed Me!

Meditation in the Word will change you! There is simply no
such thing as a believer who meditates in the Word not changing. Fifteen minutes a day in meditation with the Word of
God will overcome years of wrong
thinking and believing.
As I mentioned yesterday, meditation takes the Word from
your surface thought life down into the very recesses of what you think and
believe!  You meditate two ways: by
speaking the word slowly out loud, and by cogitation it over and over mentally,
thinking about every Word in a verse of scripture. This applies the Word in a
practical way to your life and lifestyle!
When I first came back to the Lord and was filled with the
Holy Spirit, I began the practice of taking a few minutes throughout my day for
meditating. I meditated on being a new creature in Christ and what that means
(2 Corinthians 5:17); on being the righteousness of God in Christ (2
Corinthians 5:21); on having no condemnation between me and the Lord; on being
loved by the Father (John 16:27, John 17:23); on Jesus taking my sicknesses and
diseases the same time He took my sins (Psalm 103:1-3; Isaiah 53: 3-5; Matthew
8:17, 1 Peter 2:24); on the Father providing for all my needs (Matthew 6:33;
Phil. 4:19); on being free from fear (2 Timothy 1:7); on the value and power of
my words (Matthew 12: 34-37; James 3: 1-6; on my authority in Christ over
demonic forces (Colossians 2:15; Colossians 1:13; Ephesians 1: 17-2:6).
Boy did my life change! Over a period of time, fears that
had ruled me life long began to fade away like a snowball in the sunshine! And
in their place, faith rose in my heart!
Then God begin to show me a different level of knowing Him.
I began to see character issues in a way I never had before. I begin to see how
the fear of others had driven me into isolating myself from intimacy. From
really letting others know what I’m like. I began to see how perfectionism,
being an obsessive and compulsive person, had ruled me and my relationships
with those close to me. I began to see how using accomplishment as a means of
being pleased with myself and as a tool to get others to affirm me had ruled my
Meditation in the Word began to rip these false beliefs from
the core of who I was. Confidence in being loved and fully accepted by the
Father completed replaced the fear that dominated my relationships with God and
others. Knowing that the Father cares and knowing  that He rules me has set me free from the never having arrived attitude and
feeling perfectionism brings.
Knowing that as I act on His Word God honors
His Word in my life and brings it to pass has liberated me from the obsessive
compulsive desire to have everything just right. Now, I live as unto the Lord,
seeking to simply to honor Him and His Word.
 Life is rich, peaceful,
and enriching when you have a values system that agrees with what the Father’s
Take time to meditate in the Word today. Find scriptures that
deal with the problem areas of your life and begin to let them revolve on the
inside of you. Give it some time. 21 to 28 days begins the formation of new habits. If you’ll be honest with
yourself, allowing the Lord to show you the areas that need changing, and then
if you’ll meditate in the Word that addresses these areas, you’ll change! Start

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