Learning to Live Independent of Circumstances

No, I have learned in whatever condition I am, to be independent of circumstances. I
am schooled to bear the depths of poverty; I am schooled to bear abundance. In life as
a whole, and all its circumstances, I have mastered the secret of living – how to be the
same amidst repletion and starvation, amidst abundance and privation. I am equal to
every lot through the help of Him who gives me inward strength. (Philippians 4:11).

The less we are ruled by circumstances, the more spiritually mature we are. Babies
whine and cry when they don’t get their way. As we mature, we learn to handle conflict
and difficulty, and learn how go with the flow. That’s not easy if we’re mostly motivated
by the flesh.

Real spirituality is allowing the Word to rule us from the inside out. Being Word
conscious keeps us from being circumstance led. Walking in the spirit keeps us from
yielding to the flesh. And walking in the spirit is really allowing the word to gain the
ascendancy over our minds, emotions, and will.

The human spirit is amazing. It is capable of being developed just as a body builder
develops and hones his muscles. The first step of course is the new birth. Then, we
must begin the process of renewing our minds with the word of God.

Then, we must make the decision to act on the word throughout the day instead of
acting on circumstances and letting them get the advantage. We learn to refuse to allow
emotions to control us.

So a spiritually mature person can be full of joy when needs seem to be unmet, when
outward circumstances are cutting and difficult. That’s because he’s not allowing
outward things to control him, he’s letting his human spirit through the word govern his
responses. This should be the goal of our Christian life.

When you live this way, everyday is an adventure. The above verse has been like a
special friend to me over the years. This is one of my goals in life, to get to the point
that nothing moves me. Hard places become testimonies to the grace and faithfulness of
God. They become places to prove that the Word of God is true.

Uncomfortable circumstances become a challenge that must be overcome; much like a
mountain climber must conquer that foreboding height. Challenges become an  inspiration to succeed.

Life is a school. We are learning to live as Jesus lived  when we refuse to be changed by outward conditions.  Let’s be independent if circumstances and dependent on the Word today.  Let’s grow to a new level in Our life with Jesus. Let’s learn to live independent of circumstances!

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