Hunger Motivates

Blessed are those
who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled
Some years ago the Lord spoke to my spirit and said, You are filled with what you are hungry for.
Our hunger draws us. Hunger is a tremendous motivator. Susan and I were
walking in downtown Raleigh a few months ago, and I watched in shock as a man
reached into a trash can on the street and retrieved some partially eaten food
for himself.
You may have read accounts of single mothers who become
prostitutes so they can earn money for their hungry children. Hunger motivates.
I confess that there have been times that I’ve gotten so hungry (was just too
busy to stop to eat) that my health conscious brain was tempting me to eat some
McDonald’s fast food! For me that’s pretty radical. Hunger is a powerful force.
The word hunger here in Matthew 5:6 is in the present
durative tense
in the Greek. That means that the action continues on and on
without ceasing. The hunger continues even after you’ve been fed. The longing
is not satisfied.
In so many ways in life our appetite drives us. How we
spend our time, what we value, what we spend our money on, what kind of
occupation we are involved in all have to do with our appetite on various
Since our spiritual life is really the hub of our
existence and determines our life values, would it not benefit us to remain
spiritually hungry? The word here in Matthew 5:6 could be translated starving. Starving people are desperate people. To be starving spiritually
would alter daily life! A starving person would do anything to eat. Are you
starving spiritually? Are you desperate for God? If not, work on increasing
your spiritual appetite.
Three things that hinder spiritual appetite are excessive
entertainment, excessive activity, and anger and disappointment.
Globally people spend 1.8 trillion dollars annually on
entertainment! Here in the US it has been estimated that we spend 67 billion
dollars a year on entertainment. So do you wonder why so many lack spiritual
zeal? The many entertainment distractions inhibit hunger. Movies, video and
computer games, all sorts of technology can just eat up your time. Don’t let it
Excessive activity can also crowd out time for God.
Recreation is important for high stress lifestyles. But too much can damage
your spiritual life. Put recreation in its place. Going to the beach or to the
lake, or involvement in a sports activity or working out has great benefit. A
hobby is a great diversion from normal routine. But make sure these things
don’t crowd out attending your local church or spending time in the word and in
prayer each day. For me, I take care of my spiritual life first, and then I
involve myself in some form of recreation to relax. Seek first the kingdom of
Anger and disappointment at God or yourself when life
doesn’t go the way you thought it should or would go can quench spiritual
hunger. An I don’t care attitude can
do some real damage to you spiritually. I’ve been at the place where I was so
disillusioned that my natural person just wanted to throw in the towel. That’s
a dangerous place to be. The enemy of your soul will take advantage of this
kind of demeanor. It can totally quench your hunger for God.
Tomorrow I will talk about how to develop your God hunger
if you’ve lost it. Don’t let the candy of the word quench your hunger for
Jesus. You become what you’re hungry for.

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