Don’t let Love Grow Cold

Notice these translations of Matthew 24:12: And the love of the great body of people
will grow cold, because of multiplied lawlessness and iniquity
( Amplified)
For many others, the overwhelming spread
of evil will do them in, nothing left of their love but a mound of ashes
Paraphrase). And because of the
prevailing disregard of God’s law the love of the great majority will grow cold
(Williams). There will be more and
more evil in the world. So most believers will stop showing their love for each
(New Century).
For the Spirit of God to use us the way He desires in this
day, it’s imperative that we walk in love. Love is the foundation of the kingdom of God, and is the force that moves us into
being used in spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit.
The harshness of the hour, the continual erosion of moral
values, and the self-centered interests that pull us in every direction, tempt
us to put a barrier of protection up around our lives. Instead of reaching out,
the tendency is to close ourselves in and isolate. That must not happen!
This is the time for the church to shine! This is the moment
that the Holy Spirit wants to manifest in an unhindered way to set people free.
As we put love first, we open an avenue for the Spirit of God to speak to us and
bring ministry to others.
Satan’s kingdom operates on fear, strife, envy, and
selfishness. If Satan can keep believer from operating in love, he can quench
spiritual manifestations. This must not be! Refuse to give place to the devil!
Put love first in all your relationships. Ask yourself in every situation, what would love do?
Spiritual growth and love go hand in hand. Love is the first
manifestation of the reborn human spirit. We
know that we have passed from death to life because we love the brethren
John 3:14). The Father desires that we develop in love until it consumes us!
Love neutralizes Satan’s kingdom! Strife dies when love
responds. Hatred, anger, and bitterness cannot do their work when love shows
up. The Father is holding you personally responsible for the love atmosphere
manifesting where you go today! In your home, at work, in the mall shopping,
wherever you are, let love loose today!
Don’t allow the ugliness of our times to harden you. You’re
created to love!

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