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Someone left me a comment about my message on Sunday that I would like to address. Their comment was basically wondering why I had people come up and pray when the Lord has already promised to prosper us. This person mentioned that the scripture is clear that if you give you will receive; God’s promises work, so the inference was why do you need to spend time praying and believing for something that God has already promised?

This past Sunday, I had people come for prayer for jobs, and I asked the business people to come up front if they owned a business. I talked briefly about exercising personal faith for a job, and for the Lord to prosper your business ventures. I gave examples from my own life of the Lord honoring His word when I stepped out to receive a job. And I gave examples of how I have incrementally trusted the Lord to increase our weekly finances here at Victory as well as our attendance.

I mentioned that you’re going to believe something about everything in life, so why not believe for more rather than believing for nothing. The person who commented to me mentioned that doing this is like praying to consume it own your own lusts as mentioned in James 4:2. A person who responds to what I did on Sunday in this manner obviously has a shallow understanding of the principles of faith in God.

I mentioned on Sunday that when I believe for a job, I get specific with the Lord and believe that I receive before it looks like I have the answer.

I also mentioned on Sunday that I pray in faith for our church finances, and I ask for more than is currently coming in, and I stand in faith until it comes. I also mentioned in both praying for a job and in praying for the Lord to prosper your business that I command the angels of God to go and cause the finances to come in. I’ve been doing this for many years now.

I started praying for a business the Lord led me to start in this manner many years ago, and the Lord prospered it greatly. And I pray the same way for our ministry here now. Please understand that when you do this, you must also be living right, and you must be obeying the principles of giving clearly mentioned in scripture.

Hebrews 1:14 A.S. Ways translation reads: The angels! – what are they all but servants, spirits who render service to God, who are hour by hour being dispatched on errands of ministration for the help of us who are destined to have salvation as their heritage. Psalms 103:20 reads: Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel in strength, who do His Word, heeding the voice of His Word.. The angels of God work behind the scenes for us as we trust God and speak His Word.

I encourage you to trust the Lord as you walk with Him. Believe for His best in your life and circumstances. Set your goals high as you walk with God. All things are possible to him who believes.

4 thoughts on “A Comment About Ministry on Sunday

  1. I didn’t mean to sound like a naysayer
    But does God really care about our cushy American lifestyles?
    And it is this materialism in our society that Christians pretend they do not participate in.
    Isn’t our concern for other men’s souls? I am worried that the true message of the Bible will be diluted by our materialism.
    Shouldn’t we be content in all situations like Paul?
    Can’t we trust that God will provide OUTSIDE the corrupt system of money?
    Can we really live in the world and serve God?
    I would call America rich compared to the poverty around the globe. And the rich should be very very careful since it is so difficult for them to enter the kingdom.
    Love not the world, neither the things in the world…now we can HAVE these things and not LOVE them…but it is a very dangerous situation to put our souls in.

    I mean, so MANY christians just…pray, go to church, even give a ton of money to the poor and church.
    But you know them by their fruits…how many people actually get saved in the course of their life?
    Christians are putting a minimal effort into reaching the lost, their concerns lie with their MONEY, HOUSES, JOBS. that is about it.

    I don’t really know what else to say. The Bible is clear enough but who’s reading it these days?

    You are preaching a message that we want to hear, that our money and houses and jobs are safe.
    But such should not be our concern.
    Mind, Heart, and Soul, with everything we’ve got…how can there be room for anything else but God?

  2. It is clear from scripture that 1) we should put God first and 2) expect Him to meet our needs…Putting God first means living so as to attract others to Him by the way you conduct yourself. SO certainly evangelism by lifestyle first then with our words is fundamental to putting God first. It is clear from scriptures that it is the will of God to meet our needs…bottom line…and He even went further to tell us that the promises He made to Abraham belong to us (Galatians 3; Deuteronomy 28:1-14; Genesis 12: 1-3) So we can expect as Christians to live inside the blessings of God and OUTSIDE of the curse of the broken law.

    I have traveled to various parts of the world, and have seen such poverty and need that it has brought me great anguish. Poverty is an absolute curse…and it demoralizes those it controls.The sinful, selfish heart of man is the reason for poverty. Sin and self-centeredness allowed Satan entrance into our world through Adam. The third world nations are usually ruled by corrupt government that steal the money that could be used to help the populace…and the answer is not political, it is spiritual. When I go to these places I preach the same gospel I preach here in America. The blessings of God are not just for Americans, they are for every person in Christ. And I preach it just that way.

    America has been blessed due to some of our forefathers seeking God and allow Truth to rule certain segments of life. Now, Judeo-Christian thought is slowly being removed from our civic life by selfish, sinful people in positions of influence who do not accepts biblical values. This is very sad. The end result will be the loss of the blessings caused by adherence to the Word. This is in process now.

    So, as a Pastor, I live in real time. Not in some ideological mythical or mystical world spouting platitudes about how corrupt money is and how we shouldn’t be using it! I have to deal with real people who are raising children, and earning income to feed their families. God responds to our faith, these blessing don’t just automatically happen. SO when I get up like i did on Sunday and minister to those who need a job, and to those who run businesses, I’m simp0ly helping them apply their faith in God to their current life circumstances. Balance this out! This is not all I preach and teach. This is but a portion of the whole council of God. But to say that it is wrong to address a need in people’s lives is really strange to me. And it’s not forsaking the great commission or the great needs in the world to simply point people towards God when they are faced with need and lack. One of my responsibilities is to make the Word so practical that people can grasp it easily.

    So whoever you are since you didn’t sign your name here, do you have a job? Do you support your family? Are your needs met? Have you ever been faced with need? Do you ever have to minister to someone who is at the end of their rope? Have you ever encouraged them to trust God and His promises to meet them? Addressing this is not denying or deserting the great commission or the needs of the world as you seem to insinuate.

    Our church gives to 23 missions individuals and agencies. We help the poor and needy, support orphans and widows, and feed the hungry. And we preach the gospel that God will meet you wherever you are in life! And that He wants to bless you and make you a blessing. I personally don’t see the problem with that!

  3. Hey there Pastor Mitch,

    Well now, all I would like to say is that I know that the God I serve wants us to have “abundance” “above and beyond”. How else are we to help the poor, or the ones without if we live pay check to pay check or no check at all.
    I thank you for “the word” I thank you for being “obedient” and most of all, I thank you for showing us, teaching us FAITH and how to TRUST in the LORD.
    The WORD says it, that’s how we should walk in it, abudance and faith, trust in the Lord with all our heart.
    I pray for understanding for my brothers and sisters who aren’t getting this, and may PEACE be with them.

    Love, Peace + Joy to you and Susan

  4. Pastor, you do not forsake the great commission. You travel for days to minister the Word and Gospel to countries around the world several times a year. During those times, you are forsaking the comforts of life here to share the Good News of Christ’s love for us, as well as the power of God through the Good News of the Word, to set us free. Believing God for financial provision is of particular significance for people who have responsibility to help provide for others.The scripture says that a man who does not work or try to meet the needs of his family is worse than an infidel (unbeliever). So it is natural for “breadwinners” to have concern for such issues. We are also instructed in scripture to utilize the prayer of agreement for our needs and requests. Which is basically what you did on Sunday.You were joining your faith (which you have exercised much in the past for such issues) with others whose faith might be in a more vulnerable place at the time.

    It would be hard for us to obey the Word which instructs us to “lend to the poor” if we ourselves are in lack or struggling. God is not against us prospering, as long as the money and material things do not “own” our heart. That’s the important part! This is what God looks at and was speaking to when He addressed the rich man. God is about pruning the church. Each person is in a different place in their heart and life at any given point in their life. If a person is being greedy and self centered, thinking only of themselves, this caution or criticism might very well need to be applied. However, I do not believe in accepting blame, if it does not legitimately apply to my life or heart at that time. To do so would hinder one’s freedom and effectiveness in Christ. Blame can become a weight that can hinder a person’s faith walk and pursuit of fulfilling God’s purposes to show Himself strong in their life(which is essentially their witness)..

    The scripture tells us, “Lay aside every weight that hinders (as well as) the sin’s that so easily entangle, so that we may run the race set before us with endurance (or to the end).” So, we see here, that we are advised to lay aside weights. I have described blame here as an example of one type of weight. None of these principles are wrong. Each has their place in the maturing of the Body of Christ. Basically, it is heart motive that God sees and balance and maturity that God desires in His Church. “Now, therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Let us be cautious in our zeal and love for God and the things of the Church, that we are not adding weights to our brother’s hearts and lives, while they are truly endeavoring to “run their race” in God.

    No condemnation. I pray blessings (which come in numerous forms and manner) to each who spoke or wrote concerning these issues. It is a good thing to have a place to share our hearts and concerns.

    As Pastor so often preaches, “Iron sharpens iron.”

    Love in our Lord to each of you!

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